Green Features May Include:

  • Photovoltaic system with net metering (solar power).
  • Solar hot water.
  • Other rooftop collectors that heat glycol which transfers that heat into the water that flows through the radiant floor heating system.
  • Cistern to collect rain water for irrigation
  • A gray water system that collects the water from sinks, showers, and washing machines also used for irrigation.

Engelman Construction strives to incorporate the latest and most meaningful ideas into their building projects on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas. One beneficial concept that Engelman uses whenever possible is the idea of Universal Design. The goal of Universal Design is to create space that meets the needs of most people young or old, abled or disabled in the belief that a large range of human ability is not special, but ordinary. Universal Design is performance based and includes but is not limited to the following concepts:
  • Enough floor space to accommodate a wheelchair and allow an easy u-turn>
  • Varying heights for counters and tables to allow a range of tasks seated or standing
  • Some shelves and a medicine cabinet that can be reached from a wheelchair
  • Entry doors to rooms at least 32 wide and lever door handles throughout
  • Bathroom sinks no higher than 34 from the floor
  • Grab bars in showers and beside toilets
  • Roll in shower
  • Floor surfaces that do not pose slipping/tripping hazards
  • Multiple zero step entrances to the home

During the 2004 NM Parade of Homes, Engelman won the Gold Award for Universal Design for a home he built in San Pedro Overlook in the East Mountains. Coincidentally, since then, he has also installed a photovoltaic solar system in this home to power all of its electrical needs.